Asking is the beginning of receiving. (Jim Rohn)

For what your heart most truly desires.
Will you go out on a date with me?
Can I have a raise?
How can I help?
Can I play too?
May I have some time alone, some space?
How can I afford this?
Do you love me?
Can I quit the gym/team/job?
Can I do this?
Sometimes we don’t ask for fear of the answer.
We spin up a story in our heads and stop (or delay) ourselves before we even begin.
What will they think?
What if I’m not enough?
What if he says no?
What if I look stupid?
What if I can’t do it?….
And so asking becomes so much harder than it actually is.
Stop the story.  Don’t procrastinate.
ASK.   The answer may set you free.