The battle.

How do you meet your resistance?
Just before you exercise? On the way to the gym?
As you dial the phone?
Before you sit down to write?
As you’re beginning a project?
When you try to eat healthy?

Mine shows up every morning at 5:45am.
That just happens to be when my alarm goes off.
Perhaps it’s there earlier, just waiting….watching me sleep….
The alarm rings, and the resistance begins.

Thoughts spin in my head….
The bed is soo warm.
It’s cold outside.
Oh wait, was that a rain drop?
Is the wind blowing?
I’ll go later.  (right)
How many times did I wake last night?
I’m soooo tired.

And I face a choice: get out of bed and run or snuggle in and sleep.
Mostly, sleep wins.
It has been my goal this past year to rise early.  On occasion I do, mostly I don’t.
However. However.
Last week, I had one glorious morning when my boy woke me at 4:55am.  As I tucked him back into bed, I decided to stay awake. I did all kinds of things. I meditated. Checked my email. Got four miles in. Rinsed off. Made lunches. Put on make up. I dressed – and not even in exercise gear. It was fabulous.
And my day rocked because of it.

My intention: to recreate that every morning. Now I know, that every morning is not going to be that great. Yet, I also know that I’m a much better mama/wife/nicer person in general when I’ve had a little time to myself. And what better way to start the day?

So my new wake time is going to be 5am.
You read that right – 5:15am (WTF???) Who does that???
I do…now.  Anyone with me?  You don’t even have to run.

I fully expect resistance to show up every morning, and more often than not I’m going to win.
I’m curious though – how do you handle resistance?
What’s your battle, and how will you win?