Be present when you breathe.

It’s very easy to take for granted.  An automatic reaction – something we don’t even have to think about.
It’s often over-looked, yet so vital to our optimal health.
What if you considered breathing a practice?

If you sit at a desk for hours on end, your breath is likely shallow.  Your posture slumped.  If you can, set a timer every hour to remind you to sit up.  Lengthen your spine, drop your shoulders and take a deep breath.  Even better – get up and move.  A quick walk around the office, or the block will do your mind and body some good.

When you exercise, notice your breath.  If you find yourself getting short of breath, fully exhale.  Push everything out, and allow the inhale to happen naturally.

Taking a deep breath brings you to the present, and allows you to hit “pause” if only for a moment.

Notice how you breathe throughout the day.
Be present, and aim to go deep.

Move more, not less.

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