Catch Yourself in Motion.

You’ve been walking for ages, right?
When was the last time you thought about how you did it?  How it felt?
Same thing for standing, sitting…moving in general.
When you first learned, you were totally aware of gravity and feel.
As we age we lose that awareness, and also begin to make compensations.
Compensations for injury, carrying extra weight (be it inside or outside of your body), the shoes we wear, tension or stress. Compensations for a plethora of things…
In addition to compensating, we also make excuses. We blame getting older for aches and pains that crop up.
I call BS. Now I’m not saying the body doesn’t deteriorate at all, but life practice has a lot to do with it.

Today, catch yourself sitting, standing, walking…moving.
When you walk, where does your foot land? How does it land? Do you roll out, or in over the big toe?
Do you stand on your heals? Grip your toes?
What does it feel like? Scan your body.
Notice any tension. Notice any aches or pains.
Breathe into it and notice what it feels like.
Become aware of what your movement feels like.
Catch yourself in motion.

Move more, not less.

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