Daily Body Buzz


Know what clarity looks like, and feels like.
Be clear on what you want, and what you don’t.
What feels good, and what doesn’t.
Your wants and your needs.
What you’ll tolerate, and what’s not ok.

draw it in,
~ your body


Health is not a gift, but a habit you can work on daily.
How can you cultivate health in your life?
What’s one thing you can do today? (and tomorrow..and the next day…)

plant that garden,
~ your body


Find your flow.
Writing.  Running.  Walking.  Speaking.
Find that place where you feel your most powerful.
Know what it feels like, and aim to replicate it – no matter what you’re doing.

ride it like a wave,
~ your body


Hunger.  What’s your hunger cue?
How do you know when you’ve waited too long?  How do you know when you’re full?
This may seem obvious, but the more you know about your “basic” cues, the easier you’ll catch the more subtle ones.
~ your body