Daily Body Buzz


Notice the clues that are all around.
Do you wear out your shoes in a particular spot every time?
Are you tired every day after you eat (something)?
What triggers you to tense up (hours at the computer)?

Be a super sleuth of your surroundings.  Notice how you move.  How you breathe.  How you eat.  How you think.
And most importantly how it affects everything else.

da na na na.  go undercover,
~ your body


How do you sit?  (when was the last time you thought about it?) Are you slumping in your chair. Are your shoulders hunched? or creeping toward your ears? Your pelvis tilted back? Your legs crossed? Toes gripped? Notice what feels good, and what doesn’t.  Also notice how it feels when you stand….if you ache, that’s a hint.

Pay attention.
The clues are all around,
~ your body


Nurture yourself.
What can you do today to show a little self-love?
Go for a run?  Eat some yummy whole food?  Take a nap?  A walk?  Day dream?
Whatever it is, do it.

it’s like putting gas in the tank,
~ your body