Daily Body Buzz


Nurture yourself.
What can you do today to show a little self-love?
Go for a run?  Eat some yummy whole food?  Take a nap?  A walk?  Day dream?
Whatever it is, do it.

it’s like putting gas in the tank,
~ your body


Laugh, out loud.  A lot.
A good laugh is more powerful than you know.
Laughing relaxes your body, boosts your immune system, and triggers the release of endorphins.
It also connects you to others,eases any tension or fear, and adds joy to your life.
Laugh, for the benefit of everyone.  It’s catching….

~   your body


Slowing down, to speed up.
Ever notice how sometimes things take longer when you hurry?
You make more mistakes, forget things, take wrong turns when you’re going fast?
Slow it down. Focus on one thing at a time, with your full attention. If you start to feel that “go faster, get it done” reflex, slow it down.
Slow it down, to speed up. Become a model of efficiency.

Be the model of calm, and saunter on,
~ your body


Take a thank-you walk.
Go for a short walk outside – rain or shine – and focus on what you are grateful for.
This simple act can boost energy as well as flood your brain with positivity.

get in the flow of gratitude,
~ your body


Seek excitement. (and make it a practice!)
Participating in any activity that excites you increases your energy levels.
Try something new.  Listen to great music.  Get off the couch and LIVE.

pump it up,
~ your body