What if every decision you make impacts your health?

What if every decision you make impacts your health?
Ponder that for a second.  

There are the “obvious” health decisions like what to eat or how to exercise.
Dig deeper.
Where do you work?  How many hours of sleep do you get?  What kind of shoes do you wear?  Do you sit all day?  or stand?  How much do you move? Do you travel for work?  Commute?  Do you like your co-workers?  How often do you vacation?  How much tv do you watch?  Do you go outdoors?  How do you relieve stress?  What’s your breathing like?  What are you thinking, right now?
I could go on….

You make decisions every day – many of them, a repeat of the day before.
With each choice, are you moving toward health, or further away?

** disclaimer:  exercising every day and/or eating greens frequently doesn’t guarantee health**

Sometimes, eating that cookie is healthier than the alternative.
Or skipping the gym, opting for a much needed nap that will do wonders for your psyche.
Baby steps toward health.

Know this: You are the master of your health and well being.
And every day you get to decide.
What are you choosing today?

What does health mean to you?

How do you define health?
This is a question I’ve been asking just about anyone that will listen, and/or answer it.
Some conversations I’ve recorded (listen in here).  Others have been on the fly.
Over a glass of wine.  During a walk.  With a stranger at a coffee shop.
Today, I’m asking you.
How do you define health?

According to the dictionary:
Health ~ (noun)  the general condition of the body or mind with reference to soundness and vigor.

Most people assume that health revolves around diet and exercise.
That health is something we do at certain points in the day.  Going to the gym or eating greens.
I disagree.
Yes, fueling your body is part of the equation.
And yes, moving your body is oh so important (not to mention my favorite thing).
And yet, I can eat nothing but green food and exercise all day long and still be CRAZY.

So it’s not just diet and exercise.
Equally important in the health equation, is how you breathe.  How you think.
The energy you maintain as you move through your day.

Ponder this question:  how do you define health?
Take a moment and consider your own health.
What one thing can you do today to move toward  a sound mind and body?