positive thought

Lighten up already.

This week has been “heavy”.  I have struggled with getting things done.
I’m facing a huge case of resistance.  And procrastination.  And I’m feeling it – big time.
I know that resistance is a sign post and it’s right where I need to be but I don’t want to think about it, or question it.
I simply want to go do something else….
And then this thought popped into my head:  What do you love right now?
huh? how is that helping?

Seriously, What do you love right now?

I’m thinking this is procrastination at it’s finest, and I ‘ll play along.  So I paused my project and wrote this quick list, in no particular order.

What I love right now:
Summer.  Sunshine.  Play time with my babes.  Road-trips.  Making sun tea.  Sailing.  Fresh food.  Eating outside.  T-shirts and shorts.  Freedom.  Writing.  The challenge of the ask.  Pushing others.  Getting pushed in return.  Being still. Outdoor concerts.  Outdoor movies.  Being OUTDOORS.   Swimming.   Running in the early morning light.  Time.  Time to work, time to play.  Communion.  Bing cherries.  Babysitters.  Homemade Popsicles.  Old friends.  Questions of all kinds. Instagram. Reading.  My love.  

ahhh…now I get it.  Mood shifted.  Lightness returned.  Appreciation for a challenge back.
Ready to tackle that resistance once more.

And so I ask you, how can you shift your mood?
What do you love?  What are you grateful for?  It’s worth two minutes of your time.

Sending you love and light.

Asking is the beginning of receiving. (Jim Rohn)

For what your heart most truly desires.
Will you go out on a date with me?
Can I have a raise?
How can I help?
Can I play too?
May I have some time alone, some space?
How can I afford this?
Do you love me?
Can I quit the gym/team/job?
Can I do this?
Sometimes we don’t ask for fear of the answer.
We spin up a story in our heads and stop (or delay) ourselves before we even begin.
What will they think?
What if I’m not enough?
What if he says no?
What if I look stupid?
What if I can’t do it?….
And so asking becomes so much harder than it actually is.
Stop the story.  Don’t procrastinate.
ASK.   The answer may set you free.

400 words about things I love…

I was inspired by Elan Morgan, to write this post about the things that I love.  It seemed like an excellent way to end 2012.  And so it is with gratitude for a wonderful year that has been, and anticipation for 2013, that I attempt to spread a bit of happiness and love….

I love the feel of sunshine on my skin.  A cold beer on a hot day.  Open water.  It soothes and feeds my soul.  Freedom.  The first snow.  My birthday.  The smell of new babies.  A long run in cold weather.  New running shoes.  Just about anything Nike.  The dictionary.  Deepening knowledge.  Travel – anywhere, any time.  Laughing out loud.  Meeting new people.  Taking classes, asking questions.  Sarcasm.  My mother’s non-apologetic way of approaching anything.  The smell of lavender, vanilla and rain.  Giggling with my babies.  Adrenaline.  Creating.  Innovating.  Writing.  Tossing around big ideas.  Time with old friends.  A challenge.  Going home.  Pencils – the old school wooden kind, not the new complicated mechanical ones.   Moving my body – running, biking, swimming, yoga – anything.  Road trips.  Baseball.   Trash talking.  Rowing on Lake Union in December with the Christmas lights in fully glory.  Sailing on open water with dolphins in sight.  Teaching.  Fireworks.  A nice crisp glass of wine.  Cheese.  Anticipation.  Inspiration.  Goofing off with my husband.  Instigating trouble of any kind.  Fleece pants on a cold day.  Hot chocolate in the winter.  A warm beach and a good book.  The amazing world beneath the water’s surface.  Inspiring others to be their best.  Montana State University, Bozeman – a world some times covered in snow, surrounded by mountains and full of beauty, love, laughter, lasting friendship and truth.  The sound of rain on the roof at night (but only at night – never during the day when I could be outside).  The big a-ha! Rolling down the windows and cranking up the tunes.    Water skiing on flat water.  Inside jokes.  The way that my Dad used to say things solely to get you riled up, ready to argue – and then you’d see the twinkle in his eye and laugh instead.  I miss that.  A lot.  Airplanes and airports, even if I’m not the one going.  Possibility.  The library.  Time alone.  Cozy, warm wool socks.  Being outside, on the deck in the summer. Next to a fire in the winter.  Gazing up at the stars.  A crisp new notebook, preferably red.  Whole foods, if nothing else to wander around and gaze at the beautiful food.  Finding that perfect gift for someone and watching their face as they open it.  My kids, riding in the back seat, naming everything they see.  People that make you want to be better.

and you, my friend?  What is it that you love?

I can’t….

I can’t is a bullshit excuse.
We often say “I can’t” when what we really mean is I’m afraid, or I don’t want to, or I’m not sure and don’t want to hurt your feelings.
Saying “I can’t” is giving your power away for free.  Literally handing it to someone else.
I can’t go to the costume party.  ….ummmm or perhaps you don’t want to.  Maybe you don’t like costumes, or you’d rather spend time with your family.
I can’t give the presentation.   ….or maybe you’re terrified of speaking to the group.
I can’t run a marathon.   ….anyone can run a marathon.  The question is, do you want to?
I can’t eat healthy, I don’t have time.    ….everyone has the same 24 hours.  Is it a priority?
I can’t _________….You fill in the blank.
What can’t you do?
When you say “I can’t” notice how it feels in your body.
Then re-phrase.  
What do you really mean? (notice how that feels)
If we’re honest, “I can’t go to the party” becomes, “Thanks, but I hate costumes, and am needing a night on the couch!”
“I can’t run a marathon” becomes, ” 26.2?  That’s crazy…and a bit scary…but maybe!” or perhaps, “No way in hell!!, but if you want to cycle to Portland you let me know!”
…and the list goes on.
Before you say the words “I can’t” ask yourself, am I being honest?
Tell the truth – to yourself and others.
Your words are powerful.
Own them.
You can do anything…..