What Do You Practice?

Practice ~ to perform or do repeatedly in order to acquire skill or proficiency.

Fantastic when it’s intentional. How about when it’s not?
Think of those things that you repeatedly do without awareness.

Watching hours of tv at night to unwind.
Slumping in your chair at work.
Inhaling a bag of chips or m&m’s, a cup of coffee or a soda.
Surfing the internet for hours on end.

It starts off innocently enough.
You didn’t mean to slump, or eat complete crap.
It’s just easier….easier than making the meal, or taking the time to sit up straight.
Conscious effort is required.
And one thing leads to another.
It starts by slumping in your chair at work, carries into walking or exercise, and all of the sudden your back is hurting….and you attribute it to getting older.

You get better at what you repeatedly do.  No matter what it is.
The question is, are your practices serving you?

Today, take a look at your life practices.

What are you getting better at?
Is it moving you closer to the life you want or further away?

Be mindful, you are practicing all of the time.