Where are you checking the box?

You know what I mean.
Getting that workout in, but really just going through the motions.
Sitting in the pew every Sunday, yet not completely present.
Asking “how are you?” and not hearing the answer or even asking the right question.
Showing up for that 8-5, but only doing what’s expected.  Playing inside the box.

Sometimes it’s necessary – just to get by.  And some times, you need a break.
But if you skate for too long, laziness sets in.
You get comfortable, and all of sudden you’re not participating in your own life. 

And to live is an action.

It’s a verb – no matter what label you use…friend, buddist, entreprenuear, husband, CFO, aunt, triathlete, mother, artist, yogi, old-fart.
Whatever it is, it is a verb.  Do it with flare.

So take a look.  Where are you checking the box?
Health.  Career.  Spirit.  Relationships.  Learning.

Where can you step it up a notch?
Go all beast mode if you can!
participate in your own well-being.

Set your life on fire.  Seek those who fan your flames.
~ Rumi