Chi Walking is a mindful way of walking based on five steps:

Get aligned
Engage your core
Create balance
Make a choice
Move forward

Class Format: You’ll be guided through many exercises and drills designed to leave you with a clear sense of what the Chi Walking technique feels like in your body. The focus will be on building a solid base of knowledge that you will carry forward in your walking program. You’ll get lots of personal attention and will get lots of tools to help you walk in balance for the rest of your life.

In this ChiWalking workshop you’ll learn how to align your posture top to bottom, what that feels like, and how to move from there.  In addition you’ll learn:

  • To walk with a balanced and aligned posture
  • To use your core muscles to improve efficiency
  • To swing your arms properly
  • How work with gravity and the oncoming road
  • Self-check tools and focuses

** We’ll also do some video taping at the beginning and end of class to check out form.

Cost: $100

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