What are you circulating?

When we talk about circulation most often we think of blood.
The transfer of nutrients throughout the body.
If your blood flow gets cut off, you’re in deep, deep trouble.
Or perhaps, we think about money.  Circulating money out into the world.

Yet by definition, circulation can be anything.

Circulation: (noun) 4. the transmission or passage of anything from place to place or person to person (dictionary.com)

You can circulate, or hoard, anything.
Energy, food, love, money, generosity, kindness, laughter, etc.

What are you circulating?  Or hoarding?
Sometimes we withhold our love in fear that someone won’t love us back.  Love anyway.

We withhold money in fear of being taken advantage of, in saving for a disaster in the future, or in wanting to purchase the next big thing.  Share your money anyway, even if you have little to give.

We withhold our trust, because someone hasn’t earned it yet.  Trust anyway.

Me?  I have been to know to hoard my presence.  In fear that I won’t be good enough.  Or that I won’t be liked.  Show up anyway.

The more that you circulate, the more you have to give.
What can you pass around today?

move into it.