Drop into your body.

breatheYour body is always in the present moment.  It doesn’t have anywhere else to be.
Your mind, however, is rarely in the present.
Sometimes it’s focused on the past: This morning, when your partner used all of the hot water.  Traffic on the way home.  That presentation last week.
Or the future:  Your trip next week.  Your work projects for next year. When you lose ten pounds.  That next vacation.  Your to-do list.

When you find yourself feeling rushed or hurried, frustrated or tired.
Before you buy that unnecessary gift.
Before you yell at your child/partner/driver in the other lane.
Before you eat that tenth peanut butter ball or drink that next glass of wine.
Drop into your body.

When you find yourself wanting to remember the moment.
To take in all of the love and beauty that surrounds you.
To truly feel the power of now.
Drop into your body.  

Stop what you’re doing.  Take a deep breath.  Relax your shoulders.  And notice.
What’s going on in your body right now.
Any tension?  Let it go.
Where’s your energy?  Within you?  Or are you throwing it out to anyone that’ll take it?  Pull it back in.
Feel the flow.  Exhale.  Wiggle your toes.
From this place, what’s next?  What do you most want in this moment?

Let your body be your guide.