How healthy are you?

How healthy are you??

Health ~ (noun) soundness of body or mind; freedom from disease or ailment

The instigation this week is to consider your health, and perhaps join me in the Moving Evolution program.  When you think of health, where does your mind go?  Diet?  Exercise??  What if there’s more to it than that??  And, what if improving your health is as easy as learning to listen to your body?

Here’s the thing: I believe that most of us live life from the shoulders up, ignoring or pushing down the cues that the body is constantly giving. We ignore pain, and then walk and move in ways that cause injury. We ignore hunger cues, and diet or fuel our bodies with junk – and expect excellence. We have destructive thought patterns running rampant and assume that we have no choice in how we feel or how we think. We tell ourselves “it’s fine – I’m fine” and push through all kinds of pain.

I pushed through pain for years.  Years.  Trying to lose that last ten pounds (yet never succeeding no matter how little I ate, or how much I exercised).  Unexplained knee pain.  Tightness is my body.  Eating and drinking past the point of full.  Not paying attention – to my body or the world around me. There’s a better way ~ and this program is the culmination of everything I’ve learned thus far ~ of everything that I try to teach and live by.

Moving Evolution is a nine week program designed to develop a mindful mind/body practice. No diets, special gear to buy, or gimmicks. Simply learning to let your body guide you. Learning to listen, and catch yourself before injury, before a full-blown stress attack, before you unconsciously eat that pint of ice cream.  And what better time than summer to make the connection?

For the next week, Moving Evolution is open for registration. This is the best time to join, as the cost is only $65. I’ve made a ton of updates, and once you’re in, you’re in for life.  The price will go up in the fall…so now’s the time.  Go here for more details, and if you have questions feel free to hit reply.

Regardless of whether you join, I hope you consider your health.  How can you improve it today?

let your body be your guide.