High Fives

“A friend of mine mentioned that after working with Beth Cline, she was able to run pain free at 9 miles when before, she could barely finish 7. I wanted to complete a marathon and with my current mileage, I was in pain. My biggest< concerns were not to get injured in training and to complete 26.2 miles. Beth helped me get from hobbling at 13.1 miles to 17+ with almost no pain and recovering faster than I did 8 years ago. I scheduled my sessions with Beth throughout my training, which helped me stay in touch with my goal and apply the right technique. Knowing Beth has done marathons made me feel confident in the Chi Running Philosophy. I won’t tell you my body didn’t hurt after the marathon but I wasn’t injured, and my recovery was fast. With Beth I learned a consistent running technique to get me to the miles I needed and injury free. What’s next…? Another marathon and more training with Beth!”
~ Julia

“Beth has an ability to hone in on ideas and sentiments already sitting within you – very deep, waiting to be heard – and gives them a supportive boost forward. My time with her has been invaluable. ”

“Beth’s coaching techniques allowed me to see the “blind spots” in my life. My relationship with my family is stronger today than ever before. Beth brought clarity to my ideas and always kept the focus on me and what I thought was important.”
~ Jay

“Life coaching has given me tools and a new perspective to help me reach my goals. Beth is intuitive and helps me to take a step back, focus, and see what I didn’t notice before.”
~ Erica

“Beth, I’d like you to know that this is how I feel after our sessions: encouraged, motivated, supported, safe, inspired & altogether fantastic (and now a bit challenged but that’s good!). Thank you for taking every opportunity to encourage and reassure me. You have a huge, kind and beautiful heart. And you always make me smile.”
~ Louise

“Beth is an outstanding coach and teacher! She’s patient and intuitively grasps where I, as a student, was getting stuck.”
~ Dennis

“Beth was extremely patient, enthusiastic and very, very encouraging. I would not hesitate to take another workshop from her (ChiRunning-related or not) again.”
~ Jerry

“As a beginning runner, I was incredibly lucky to find Beth Cline. Beth trained me to use all of the core principles of ChiRunning and I remember to apply those lessons every time I run. Beth is incredibly positive and passionately committed to good teaching – AND she is a ton of fun to boot! I couldn’t have done better than to start here.”
~ Deena

“Beth, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for doing such a terrific job last weekend. Your enthusiasm, combined with your obvious knowledge of the techniques you were teaching made it a truly enjoyable experience, and made learning a breeze.”
~ Paul

“Beth, please know that you did the near impossible this year. All my old coaches never were able to get in my head and help me fix issues so quickly and no one ever has helped me shut down my over thinking. I would not have my Ironman without your help and am deeply thankful for you!”
~ Mitch

“Hi Beth, I went for a run this weekend in shoes that I wouldn’t have previously dared run in. I once ran between two buildings at work that were 100ft apart, and my feet were killing me. With your coaching, I easily ran my hilly 5.21 mile loop, feeling great and had no leg or foot pains the next day either. I love this stuff! Thanks for the training.”
~ Ed

“I am so thankful that I met you and took your class. It has  changed my life.  I am more present, aware of how I hold my body, and I ran a flipping marathon!!!  Your words continue to echo in my brain during regular every day things – like washing the dishes, or running!  Thank you Beth!!”
~ Deirdre

"I grew up breathing ballet and was comfortable sporting tights and leotard in front of both full-length studio mirrors and my instructor’s critical eye. It was par for the course and I knew these feedback tools would help me be a stronger dancer.  In time though, running replaced ballet and brought with it a whole new set of techniques for me master. Who knew there was so much to it? My immediate goal was to run my first half marathon but my speed and endurance left something to be desired.

Beth filmed me for the first time as part of a Chi Running workshop. It was the first time I saw that not only were my arms were locked near my hips, I was also, leaning back while heel-striking. I was making running much harder for myself than I had to. As a longtime runner, I felt like everything I knew about running was wrong. That being said, I really appreciated that Beth had me only concentrate only on my posture and arm swing for the time being, which made my improvements much more manageable and I left this first workshop optimistic. I don’t think I would have taken her feedback to heart if I didn’t have video to review with her.

Since then, Beth has video-taped me 7-10 times; each time, I see both growth and areas of improvement. In the last 2 years, I’ve gone from a 9+ minute/mile runner to ~8 mpm, cutting 24 minutes off my half marathon time. I couldn’t have done this without Beth’s feedback, support, and videos to review.

I’m now pregnant and was fortunate enough to have her film me again recently, helping me correct my posture as my center of gravity changes. I’m now 7 months in and running strong, finishing the same half 2 minutes faster than last year. I can’t say enough good things about the feedback and encouragement I’ve received from Beth.”
~ Cate

“Just had to tell you what happened this weekend.  I did the Wenatchee Half Marathon.  My goal was to be under 2:45 as my last half (second one I’d ever completed) in February was at 2:53.  I started out feeling great.  As the miles wore on I was having trouble keeping up the pace—and then I would evaluate where I was in my ChiRunning posture and technique, immediately re-adjust and, wow, I could breathe easier and run more relaxed!  Woohoo!  I finished in 2:31:48!  I was so excited!!  My goal for the season was to be under 2:30—am now setting a new time goal.
Being 63 and having run less that two years just isn’t that bad!  Thanks so much for all you have done to help me change my whole running life.”
~ Pam

“I just had to let you know how I did this past weekend in the 10K race of the Wenatchee Marathon. I ran a PR, coming in 2nd in my age division, 7th female, and 22nd overall out of 350 participants!! I have been training fairly hard (happily without injury) and I definitely feel Chirunning has made a difference.  Your workshop was great!”
~ Jennifer

“When I went to the clinic yesterday, I wasn’t feeling too well and was a little nervous since I thought it might be triggered by running. When I left, I felt better than I had for a week, this morning still feel great. Thought I would need to give up running, and now I know it’s obviously not the problem. It could be from drinking wine which is MUCH easier to give up than running. Thank god I went yesterday, had a great time, learned a lot, and felt I was running stronger than I had in years.”
~ Betty

“I have to say I’m very impressed. First, the training was great this morning and you did an excellent job of breaking down the concepts in a way that will allow me to work on them individually and then combine those into a healthier running style. I left there pretty damn pleased with my decision to meet with you. But taking the time to put together such thorough and thoughtful follow-up emails, that really takes it over the top. I really appreciate the additional advice and encouragement. Really nice. Thanks so much for doing this.”
~ Mark

“Having just moved to Seattle, I was feeling unusual aches/pains while running up and down some of the steep hills in the area. These aches were indicative of something wrong with my running technique and so I decided to contact Beth to show me the ways of Chi running. Long story short, I learned more from one run with Beth than from a year’s worth of Runner’s World and countless hours watching youtube videos of people demonstrating Chi running techniques. Beth’s years of experience really showed through not just in her knowledge of anything to do with running but in the way she’s able to transfer that knowledge.”
~ Artem

Beth brings her intense knowledge of the body and exercise to the mind. If you allow your mind to be open, Reiki is an amazing way to better understand your body and how you can enhance your life.  Not only was it relaxing but it opened up my mind to ways that I can benefit my entire world. I would recommend this to anyone looking to increase their awareness of their  mind and body.