Are you improving?

How can I improve?
How often do you ask this question?

Improve ~ (noun) to bring into a more desirable or excellent condition

If you’re like most, you don’t ask this question enough.
Most people tend to ask, is this right?
The math equation.  Posture.  Downward dog.  Baking.  The report.  Sex.  Painting.  Drawing.  Excel spreadsheets.  The proposal.  Recipes.
Am I getting this right?

Looking over our shoulders, asking for approval.
Eyebrows raised.  Is this right?

This, I believe, is restrictive in two major ways:
The answer is either yes or no – and can be left at that (hopefully it’s not, but could be) and thus, there’s little to no growth.
It feels crappy and is dis-empowering.  Asking for verification outside of ourselves.
Soul diminishing.

Instead, what if you asked: how can I improve?
As in, I think this is pretty good, but nudge me a little further.
Or, I’ve got no freaking clue here – a little help?  What can I do better?

Soul expanding.  Growth enhancing.
How can you improve?
move into it.