Be mindful of the words you use.

When talking about movement, or anything for that matter, be careful with the words you choose.
“I have to go to the gym”
“I should eat salad”
“I need to park farther away or take the stairs”

In each of these sentences the energy is heavy. The power outside the body.
It’s as if there’s a tiny monster barking instructions on what “should be done/has to happen/needs to be”.


Own your power. Choose your actions.

Instead of “have to” ~ I choose to go to the gym.
Instead of “should” ~ I want to eat salad. It’s my choice.
Instead of “need to” ~ It’s important to take the stairs. That way I get in a little bonus movement.

Changing the words doesnt’ change the action.
It may not make going to the gym or eating a salad any more fun.
But it gives you the power of choice, and with that, you can do anything.
Sit on the couch, eating bon bons if you like.  But make the conscious choice to do so.

Own your power.

Move morenot less.

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