Move More. Not Less. 31 days.

practice2Welcome to 31 days of move more, not less.
I am on a mission of movement ~ of the mind & body, and will spend the next 31 days writing about it here.

I’m attempting to do two things – one, write more.  I love to write and since I call myself a writer, this might get the ball rolling.  The other, is a passion – movement.  It’s in the moving of my body, that I connect with my soul.  That I release tension and stress.  That I access my power….and the answers come.

I’m excited, and a little nervous, to write about movement for an entire month.  Writing it out in words will teach me things I don’t yet know, or perhaps give me a better understanding of the things that I guide other people to do.

One thing is for sure – this will be an interesting journey.

Welcome to the first day of Move More.  Not less. 31 days.

I hope you’ll consider visiting this month for some thoughts and ideas on movement.

This is day one.

Day two:: Why Move More?                                  Day seventeen::  Regret.

Day three:: Catch Yourself in Motion                     Day eighteen::  Resistance.

Day four::  Seek out your tension                          Day nineteen::  High five up top.

Day five::  Find Your Movement                            Day twenty::  Give Thanks.

Day six::  Know Your Issues                                 Day twenty-one::  Make movement a practice.

Day seven::  Breathe.                                            Day twenty-two::  Be mindful of the words you use.

Day eight::  Food as Fuel.                                     Day twenty-three::  Exhale.

Day nine::  Movement as a pathway in.                 Day twenty-four::  Sleep.

Day ten::  Be present when you move.                  Day twenty-five::  Clear your mind.

Day eleven::  Be present when you eat.                Day twenty-six::  Find a buddy.

Day twelve::  Be present when you breathe.         Day twenty-seven::  The Body Scan.

Day thirteen::  Rest.                                               Day twenty-eight::  Laugh.Out.Loud.

Day fourteen::  Try something new.                        Day twenty-nine::  Lie Down.

Day fifteen:::  The time is now.                               Day thirty::  Emulate a Child

Day sixteen::  What message are you sending?    Day thirty-one::  Move with intention.