Take a moment.  Press pause, and reflect.

Pause ~ (noun) a temporary stop or rest, especially in speech or action
Reflect ~ (verb) to think, ponder or meditate.

Pause, to honor how far you’ve come.
We’re almost five months in to 2014.  How is this year shaping up for you?
Reflect on the past 4-ish months (or more) and take stock.
What have you accomplished?  What have you learned?
Stop, and appreciate what’s fun, unexpected and oh so amazing.
Along with that, appreciate what’s challenging and demands more of you.
How can you be grateful?

Take a moment, and savor that.  Take a walk.  Sit in silence.  Do a dance.  Breathe deep.  Get outside.  Do whatever works for you to give yourself some space.

Fully reflected?  Good.
Now, looking forward.  We’ve got seven (or so) more months this year.
What do you want to say by year’s end?
Any routines you can shake up?  New people to connect with?
Course corrections to be made?  New habits to cultivate?

For myself, I notice that I’m getting a bit bored with the status quo.
Time to shake things up a bit.
I’m going to try out a new running group.
Perhaps I’ll take a class.  Experiment with teaching in different venues.
One thing’s for sure – it’s time to take a risk.
Get outside my comfort zone and stretch.
What will you do?

moving forward.
one step at a time.