Be present when you eat.

My question for you: How do you eat?
Are you a speed eater? Rushed for time. Gobbling down breakfast as your rush out the door?
Trying to get food in so you can go on to the next thing, take care of the kids, field emails, answer phone calls, etc.
Do you devour dinner before anyone else is even half-way done?

Speed eating can cause health problems, including upset stomach, heartburn, indigestion, weight gain and more.
**(this doesn’t provide motivation to move more….and will likely cause you to move less.) 
A big reason that people eat too much is because they eat large amounts of food, quickly ~ before they even realize they’re full.

Instead of rushing, savor each bite.  Notice every taste if you can.  The texture, the subtle flavors.
Pause between bites.
Give each taste some space.

Eating slower increases your metabolism, gives you better digestion and adds pleasure to every meal.

As you eat your next meal, notice.
Notice how you eat.  Fast, or slow?
This is key in your relationship with food ~ being aware of not only what you eat, but why and how.
And food is crucial in your relationship with movement.

Be present when you eat.
Enjoy every bite, so that you can….

Move more, not less.

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