Have you always wanted to run a particular race or distance, 
but weren’t sure where to begin?

Have you set your sights on a race?  Do you want to add running to your current conditioning program, or would you like to come up with a conditioning program that fits your needs? Whether youʼd like to train for a 5k or a marathon – or simply want to run without pain, Cline Coaching can help.

A program can be designed for any runner, beginners to seasoned veterans, and can be done in person or via email.


  • Help in setting a realistic goal, and support in achieving it
  • Weekly progress emails
  • Articles, nutrition & cross-training ideas
  • Fine tuning of the program
  • Email access for questions and clarifications
  • Motivation to push yourself further than you ever thought possible!

Personalized training program: $150.

Receive a training program specific to your goals, experience and the time that you have available. Program includes specific daily workouts, focuses for each week, nutrition reminders and more.


Monthly support: Beginning at $49 per month, with a minimum of 3 months.

Includes three-five emails each week.  Reminders, motivation, and tips to keep you going.  Daily email access for questions and support.


Cline Coaching can work with you to develop the training program that will work for you! 

Questions? Email for more information.