Actually, no. Don’t. Don’t relax just yet.
You know that part of you where you tend to hold tension?
Your shoulders, neck, back, or jaw. Find it, and tense it.
Tense it up nice and tight.
See if you can contract every little muscle in that area.
Got it?
Feel what it feels like.
Now try and move, without losing the tension.
Hold tension in your shoulders? Swing your arms.
Hold tension in your neck? Turn your head.
Hold tension in your jaw? Speak freely. Open your mouth wide, shout out loud.
I’m guessing, it’s not easy – if not impossible.
Yet, we do it every day. Perhaps not purposely.
Perhaps not tensing every little muscle.
Perhaps, not even in the body.
But tension can build every day – until you get to the point where you have no idea how to relax it or let it go – or it’s so tight you need someone else to help release it.
Today, take 5 minutes – if you can, work up to 5 minutes every hour – and do a body scan. Holding tension somewhere? Take a deep breath. Intentionally relax that area. Roll it out, move it, shake it if you have to. Release that tension, and let it go.
Tension in anything makes it harder to move. Uncomfortable or even downright painful.
Whether it’s the body or work or a relationship or…..
Relax into it – whatever it is, and feel the freedom.