What do you see?

Are you just looking, or can you tell me ~ what do you see?
Too often, we look.  We go on auto-pilot, glancing around, not really taking anything in.  The more familiar we are with our surroundings, the less we truly see them.  What’s worse, without noticing, we often look at what’s in front of us and immediately jump to our own story – to our thoughts and beliefs, to what’s going on in our own lives – and completely disregard truly seeing.

Pay attention.  Instead of just looking, can you tell me, what do you see?

Sometimes I look at whiny, defiant children (and I want to scream).  And then I remember.  It’s a privilege to spend my days with my children, and I see balled up energy waiting for some love, attention and play (and sometimes quiet reading).

At times I look at aggression. On the news, at the grocery store, on the road.  It’s easy to respond in that same vein. And then I remember – I don’t want to feel like that, and I’ve got no idea what that person has been through. Then, do my best to see love.

Sometimes I look at people passing me, running faster, easier.  And I get frustrated (and go slower).  But then I look up, and see the sky and the water and I remember how much I love to be outside, moving.

Sometimes I look at drivers cutting me off, not using turn signals, not moving.  Anger moves in, and then I remember ( and take a deep breath).  I see my surroundings, and remind myself, there’s more than enough time.

Take a moment.  Don’t just look around.
Tell me, what do you see?

An office full of clutter?  Or a temple in which to create.

A co-worker whining to you?  Or someone in need of a hug.

A boring salad?  Or earth, water and sunshine.  Health.

The road and that three mile walk in the rain?  Or the open air, rocks and benches and random strangers.  Freedom and peace.

Tell me, what do you see?

There’s more than meets the eye.  But you might have to do more than look.
Be moved by what you see.