What are you thinking?

Your mind is constantly in motion.
Churning thoughts, whether you’re aware of them or not.

“OMG it’s cold out. Look at that those spandex. Did I eat breakfast? I wonder why Lisa didn’t call me back. Did I say something wrong? I need to go to the grocery store. Baseball game tonight at 5. Geesh, I’m tired. I don’t want to go to work. Will I have time to squeeze in a walk today? I can’t believe I ate that muffin”…..and this is in a matter of seconds.

Most of these thoughts are seemingly random. Responses to your environment. Thoughts about your day. Others stem from beliefs you hold. And they’re constantly running, like background music. A super top secret soundtrack to your life.

Have you ever taken a moment to pay attention?

The challenge: pay attention to your mind chatter. Identify your soundtrack (you may have several). This is especially important when you don’t feel great. When you’re angry or frustrated, anxious or hurt. Know what you’re telling yourself, and be fascinated by what you find.

For me, I have a tendency to be competitive. I’m working on it, and have been for some time. Though it’s easy to fall into the trap if I’m not paying attention. My mind begins to race if I’m not “winning”. Which is a cue for me to be present. If left unchecked, all sorts of thoughts run through my mind all leading to “I’m not good enough” in some way or another. CRAZY.

What is it for you? Choose your soundtrack wisely.
eye of the tiger baby.

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