The time is now.

Ever catch yourself saying something along the lines of “I’ll be ….. when….”?

I’ll eat better when I my diet starts. Next week.
I’ll run more, when I lose ten pounds.
I’ll excerise more when the kids are older.
I’ll drink less after fall is over. Or perhaps after the holidays….
I’ll start dating when my I grow my hair out/I get six pack abs.
I’ll meditate when I have a room to do it in, with a shrine and a tiny buddha. Perhaps a water feature.

You get what I’m saying. We all put things off.
As if in some future reality, things will be better when….
But what do you do in the mean time?
And what if the future is not some magic pill that makes everything “better”?

The time is now.
There is no guarantee that things will be better when….
The time is now.
How can you move more now?
How can you eat better now?
How can you….do what you whatever it is you want to do NOW?
Take a tiny step forward. There’s no time like the present.

Move more, not less.

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