What’s your pain telling you?

There are lots of indicators in life – some more subtle than others.
Like when a large truck backs up, you might hear a loud BEEP.BEEP.BEEP to indicate that it’s reversing – get out of the way.
A fire alarm.  The gas gauge in your car.  A bell ringing at school.  I could go on….

For the body, pain is often an indicator.
Knee pain is an indication that something’s not right.  Re-adjust.  It doesn’t mean stop forever or push on through.  It simply means that something’s wrong – let’s fix it.
Hip pain can be an indicator that you’ve been sitting for too long.  Get up and move.
Craving a certain kind of food can be an indication.  Or a taste in your mouth.
It doesn’t even have to be physical.
If you’re forcing something – making it happen.  Pushing it through.
Perhaps it’s not the right time.  Might not be the right team.  You might not have all the information.
There’s no need to push, move or muscle through pain.  Of any sort.
“It’s only five more miles.  I can grit it out.”
“Only ten more years until I retire.  I can make it that long.  I’ll grin and bear it.”
Pain is an indicator.
What’s yours telling you?