How will you participate?

Participate ~ (verb) to take or have a part or share in.

The other day I took a yoga class, and as the teacher roamed the room she suggested that yoga invites us to participate in our own well-being.  WHOA.
It was early, and that was deep (or maybe not so deep, but again – it was early) – and that was awesome. 
Yoga invites us to participate in our own well-being.

I know that yoga specifically does, as you are meant to focus on your breath and the flow of your body.
However, I think you can do this with anything.
Walking.  Running.  Lifting weights.  Dancing.  Eating.  Sitting at your desk.  Working…..whatever.

How will you participate in your own well-being?
Not some diet, or new fangled resolution, but really take a part in your own health.
In what feels good for you – with your body, breath, the food you eat and the presence you bring.
The beauty of it is, you can change from moment to moment.
Something doesn’t feel good – stop.  Don’t do it.  Begin something else.
Find your flow.  Follow your breath.

wishing you a year filled with love, laughter, health, joy, movement and meaning!