Do it wrong, so you can eventually get it right.

I tell my running clients this all of the time.
Do it wrong, so eventually you’ll get it right.

Our first session is all about gathering information.
Noticing. Simply notice how it feels in your body.
Notice, when you’re doing it “wrong”.

You see as runners, and humans in general, we tend to ignore our bodies and push through pain.
“Knee pain?  Ahhh, it’s not that bad.  I’ll rest at the next bench.”

I’ve often heard that pain is weakness leaving the body. Bullshit.
Pain is an indicator. You’re doing it wrong.
**now we’re talking about physical pain, not mental. Mental “pain” is your brain telling you to stop.
Ignore that voice, and learn the difference between the two.

The more you notice that, the closer you are to getting it “right”.
Now “wrong” and “right” are two very loose terms, and different for each person.
My definition of wrong is something that doesn’t feel good in the body.
Right is easy. It feels good. It’s more or less effortless.

Knees hurting while you’re running? That’s a sign. You’re doing it wrong.
Stabbing pain in your feet?  WRONG.
Tension in your shoulders.  WRONG.
Toes gripped and tired.  WRONG.
Tense legs?  WRONG.

None of these signs mean stop. They are simply indicators.
You’re doing it wrong, and it’s AWESOME that you noticed.
Now, make an adjustment. Make the pain go away.
Shorten your stride.  Adjust your footfall. Lengthen your spine.  Relax.
Do something.

Find the place where it feels good. Where it feels easy. Where it feels right.

This can apply to anything.
If you notice pain when you do something – anything – it simply means you’re doing something wrong. EXCELLENT! Again, awesome that you noticed.
When you notice, you can adjust.
Find the place where it feels right for you.