Every year thousands of people make health or fitness resolutions.
Lose weight.  Exercise regularly.  Run a marathon.  Take up yoga.  Eat healthier.  Stop watching tv.
Most of these resolutions are forgotten by March.
This year, don’t simply make a resolution or set a goal.
Make health something you choose to live every day, not something you simply check off a list.



MoveMeant Challenge 2016.

A single health challenge to last throughout the year.  Or a different challenge every month.
Focus on your body one month, your mind the next.  Or do a combination of the two.
It’s up to you.
You choose the challenge, and you live your way into it.
You move with it.  You move because of it ~ and you pay attention to how it moves you.

Having yearly movemeant challenges has allowed me to test and play with my fitness, helped me to be more present in my movement, as well as develop other habits – getting up early.  Fueling my body well. Reading & writing more. Creating. Breath practice.  And so much more.

Why do the MoveMeant Challenge?

MoveMeant.  Intentional movement ~ as in YES! I meant to do that.  Which means not doing push ups for the sake of doing push ups, exercising through pain to the point of injury, or losing weight because you “have to”.  It means moving your body and your mind, with intention, because you choose to.  All the while, paying attention to the cues that your body gives you.  It’s good for you, yes – but what’s even better is the awareness that arises out it.

and of course, it’s also about….

Connection.  Connecting your movement goals to your life.
Allowing health to be something that you do most of the time, instead of just at the gym, or at the table.
Connecting your mind, to your body.
Connecting to one another.  Creating a community of people that move.  On purpose.
There are no challenges too big, nor too small.

This is my fourth year doing this practice for myself.  I’d be honored to share it with you.  

What to expect.

Each month you’ll receive a video presentation and handout.
A reflection, and an action.

The reflections will be something to write or think about, and the actions will take you out in the world, or into your body – an opportunity to play with your challenge.  Test it.  Weave it into your every day.  Fair warning:  we’ll explore not only your challenge, but your health in relation to it.  Your body, breath, & fuel.  In other words:  How you move.  How you breathe.  The way in which you fuel your body ~ both with food and what you think.  This isn’t just your health, it’s your life.

Challenge Details.

Location.  The Challenge is online and will be on a private section of my website.  After joining you will receive a Welcome to the Challenge PDF that includes passwords to be able to access the private content.  To begin you’ll find a pre-Challenge handout download:  Choosing Your Challenge.  Subsequent monthly links will be uploaded on the first of the month, and you’ll receive an email reminder when new information is posted.

Community.  Let’s share our journeys on the move with instagram.  Post your picture with the hashtag #movemeantchallenge2016.

Challenge Examples.  Check them out here.

Investment. $24.  If you sign up in January, that’s $2 for every month.  The biggest investment you’ll make is your time.  Please note, if you sign up after January 1st you will receive your first monthly reminder on the 1st of the following month. No matter when you join, you will have immediate access to all material available upon visiting the welcome page. **price will increase to $30 on January 30th.




What if my challenge ends mid-year or I get bored with it?
Adjust.  If your challenge is to run a marathon and the race is June 1st, you’re not done on June 2nd.  At least I don’t think so.  If you “achieve” your challenge, what can you do to deepen your practice?  Take the challenge one step further?  Adjust and move forward.  Same goes if you discover that your challenge just isn’t going to work.  Adjust and move forward.

Can I join after January 1st?
Registration will be open all year, and upon joining you’ll have access to any content available thus far.
Please note, that if you join after January 1st, you will receive your first monthly reminder on the 1st of the following month.  (So if you join on January 15th, you’ll receive your first monthly email on February 1st.)  You will have immediate access to all content upon visiting the Welcome page.

How much time will I need to commit?
This is not meant to be time consuming.  Each monthly video will be no longer than 10 minutes.  After that, it’s up to you to practice.  To think about the action each month, and weave it into your challenge, to weave it into your every day.


Move.  you are meant to.