Move With Intention

Move With Intention

Build Body Awareness Every Day

You move energy all day, every day.

 (whether you're aware of it or not - it ripples through you)
Many of us live life from the chin up, not recognizing the cues that the body is constantly giving.  Ignoring these cues can lead to pain, injury and often general "stuckness" in life.

My mission is to teach you to learn to listen. Whether it's on the move or on the table, my work is devoted to the body. I believe that we are meant to move - in big and small ways. To challenge and push, as well as rest and breathe with intention. To feel into it.
Always, feel into it.

Your body tells a story - about what you think, what you feel, and what you believe.

Do you like the one you're telling?
Let's move - with intention.


High Fives

As I have coaching sessions with Beth, I discover, one by one, little pieces of my life working better.

It adds up to profound delight!


Beth brings her intense knowledge of the body and exercise to the mind. If you allow your mind to be open, Reiki is an amazing way to better understand your body and how you can enhance your life. Not only was it relaxing but it opened up my mind to ways that I can benefit my entire world. I would recommend this to anyone looking to increase their awareness of their mind and body.


Having just moved to Seattle, I was feeling unusual aches/pains while running up and down some of the steep hills in the area. These aches were indicative of something wrong with my running technique and so I decided to contact Beth to show me the ways of Chi running. Long story short, I learned more from one run with Beth than from a year’s worth of Runner’s World and countless hours watching youtube videos of people demonstrating Chi running techniques. Beth’s years of experience really showed through not just in her knowledge of anything to do with running but in the way she’s able to transfer that knowledge.


I have to say I’m very impressed. First, the training was great this morning and you did an excellent job of breaking down the concepts in a way that will allow me to work on them individually and then combine those into a healthier running style. I left there pretty damn pleased with my decision to meet with you. But taking the time to put together such thorough and thoughtful follow-up emails, that really takes it over the top. I really appreciate the additional advice and encouragement. Really nice. Thanks so much for doing this.


When I went to the clinic yesterday, I wasn’t feeling too well and was a little nervous since I thought it might be triggered by running. When I left, I felt better than I had for a week, this morning still feel great. Thought I would need to give up running, and now I know it’s obviously not the problem. It could be from drinking wine which is MUCH easier to give up than running. Thank god I went yesterday, had a great time, learned a lot, and felt I was running stronger than I had in years.


I went to Beth's clinic expecting to improve my running form but came away with so much more. Little did I know but my sitting, standing, walking, and breathing form also had potential for improvement 🙂 The added benefit I didn't expect is that focusing on my form has enabled me to become more present and less distracted in pretty much everything else I do.


What is your body telling you?