beth cline


I'm Beth, and I'm so glad you're here.

First off, let me tell you: I am a body nerd, a kinesthetic learner and a movement junkie. I feel things - I feel them in my body to know them, work them through and decide if they fit, or if I let it go. 

How does your energy flow?  I want to tune into that question and see what we discover.

Your body is telling your story.
Do you like the one you hear?

Why Work With Me?

You've heard about IQ, and likely, emotional intelligence - but do you have body awareness?

Benefits of Building Body Awareness:

  • Develop leadership skills
  • Connect with others better
  • Improve everyday presence
  • Breathe easier & better
  • Pick up on cues the body gives - long before an injury occurs, there are signs

Let's get curious about how you move, and the compensations you make. I'll bring my knowledge of, and passion for the body, and we'll get to work and have some fun.

A little of my background:

While I’ve done a fair amount of studying and spent lots of time teaching, most of my training has been through living. Through running. Noticing. Eating. Falling. Getting back up and moving my body. Through getting quiet and listening.

I grew up with brothers. Two to be exact, and I am the deprived middle child (HA!). Throughout my childhood, my brothers were my playmates, my competitors, and my team. If one of us could do something, the other two tried to better the effort – and there were no accommodations for running or throwing (or whatever it might be) like a girl – no excuses, no exceptions – get in the game or go inside. Our motto was always “if you don’t fall, you’re not trying”. In my youth, I learned grit and determination. I learned to be curious. To crave adventure. To run, jump, get dirty, make mistakes, shake it off, laugh, and move on.

It wasn’t until later that I learned to slow down and listen - and I'm still learning.
My passion for wellness grew out of training for the Seattle marathon. When I began, I pushed through pain. I ran while eating junk. I let my mind run amuck. I figured that I was “healthy” simply because I exercised and was relatively thin. Through my training, I began to realize that what I put into my body directly affected how I ran…how I moved…how I lived – and we’re not talking just food. Since that day, I’ve been playing with this idea and applying it not only to exercise, but every aspect of my life.

And I know, that the more I listen, the more information I receive.


What you feed your body (thoughts, beliefs and food) directly affects how you move through this life.

When was the last time you paid attention?

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Come with me on one of my favorite runs in Seattle: a lap around Lake Union!

You can have the life that you want. Move into it.

The short description:

Guide. Insatiably curious. Favors the color purple. Runs in the rain. Loves the airport. Laughs out loud – a lot. Mama. Writer. Directionally challenged. Believes in magic...and mischief. Passionate about moving one step further – growing better, day by day. Adventure junkie. Could spend the entire day with the dictionary. Prefers to be outside. Water girl – oceans, lakes, rivers, puddles – I’m in. Math geek. Not so good with rules. Not so good with time either. Witty. Craves freedom. Usually in motion, and learning to embrace the quiet moments with calm, steady presence.
World explorer. Eternal student. I love, love, LOVE what I do.

“Official” Training/Education/Experience:

In the press.