You can always choose again.

Every day you make choices. Large and small ones.
Sometimes, you overthink it or spend copious amounts of time identifying and researching the “right” choice.
Sometimes, you make a decision on the fly.
The best thing, is that you can always choose again.
There is something in each and every decision, no matter what, that you can choose.
YOU can choose.
Remember that, and aim to make the best choice possible for you.

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beth cline

Health & Wellness Coach | Chi Running & Chi Walking Master Instructor | Energy Practitioner. Beth Cline works with her clients to create awareness in the body. Together we explore how you move through the day, both physically and energetically – from the breath, to the hips, to the core and feet. Beth is a Movement Coach and Reiki Practitioner. Check out these events and explore how you move today!