5 ways to create mindful movement.

5.  Pay attention.  You’ve been standing, sitting, walking, running, etc. for ages.  When was the last time you paid attention to how you did it?  to how it felt?  “Climb” inside your body.  Listen to it.  Pay attention, as it’s constantly giving you feedback.
4.  Connect the dots.  Have some aches and pains?  Put on your super-sleuth hat and see if you can connect the dots to figure out why.  The clues are all around.  Look at the way in which you wear out your shoes or socks.  Look at where you have calluses.  Become the mentalist of your body.
3.  Know where you carry tension.  Everyone carries tension in the body.  Everyone.  Where do you carry yours?  Shoulders?  Ankles?  Toes?  Find it. Release it.
2.  Slow down to speed up.  Faster + more reps/miles/anything = better, right?  WRONG.  Slow down. Build a foundation.  Make sure your form is impeccable.  Climb inside (see #5), and go slow.  As you get to know your body you can then speed up (and likely, be even faster than before with less injury….)
1.  Take a deep breath.  Drop your shoulders from your ears.  Roll your head around a few times, slowly, easily.  Relax.  When doesn’t that feel good?

Go forth, and move with intention.

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Health & Wellness Coach | Chi Running & Chi Walking Master Instructor | Energy Practitioner. Beth Cline works with her clients to create awareness in the body. Together we explore how you move through the day, both physically and energetically – from the breath, to the hips, to the core and feet. Beth is a Movement Coach and Reiki Practitioner. Check out these events and explore how you move today!