Is it a practice, or simply a workout?

Is it a practice, or simply a workout?

What you practice, you get better at – whether it’s yoga, running, weight lifting, eating, writing….whatever it is. If you practice, you’ll get better.

Take my running – for most people, it’s a workout.  I put on the headphones and tuned out.  I ran through pain, ignored my body, ate crap.  Running and exercise in general were something I did so that I could eat and drink more.

When I read Chi Running, and became an instructor – my running became a practice.  My moving mediation.  My direct line to my body and my power.  A run for me is my time to tune in.  Ideas flow.  Endorphins move.  All is well in my world.  and it all begins with posture and lining up so that my chi can flow.  The more that I practice this while NOT running, the better and easier it becomes while I am running…..I’ve practiced enough now, so that it’s simply a way of life.

I love this about yoga – a lot of people have a “yoga practice”.  You see them carrying their mats with their messenger bags.  Extolling the greatness of yoga.  But how many of them use that practice off the mat?

What you practice you get better at – and the more you practice while you’re not running, the better and easier it becomes while you are.
What if it simply became a way of life?

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