receive [ ri-seev ]. verb (used with object)
– to take into one’s possession (something offered or delivered)
to receive gifts.
– to have (something) bestowed, conferred, etc.:
to receive an honorary degree.
– to have delivered or brought to one:
to receive a letter.
– to get or be informed of:
to receive instructions; to receive news.

How well do you receive?  

I’ve been playing with the idea of receiving.  Of choosing to use “receive” instead of “get” (or some variation).

To receive, for me,  is to be open.  To fully engage in something.  To take it in. Receiving is a full body experience.  

I received the money….vs… I got the money.
I received the gift…..vs…..I got the gift.
I received the time off…..vs…..I got some time off.

Subtle difference – but the body feels it for sure.

Don’t just “get” – receive.

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