There’s More Than One Way.

There’s more than one way to be successful, to get healthy, to move through this world. However, there are plenty of articles or books that will try to convince you of “THE” best way. You may even have a person (or two) in your life that’s ripe with advice on the best way to live.

WORK is a four letter word – and you know about four letter words!
Rise at 5:30am – start the day before anyone else.
No carbs – they’re the work of the devil.
HIIT (high intensity interval training) is the only way to go.

These tips may work for some – but they don’t cover all of us.  
Find what works for you.

Get curious.  Educate yourself.  Find topics that interest you, or areas that you’d like to grow in, and learn more.  There’s a ton of information out there.  Plenty of people that have done what you’d like to do.  Seek it out, and…

Get to know yourself.  What works for you?  Perhaps you have small children, and getting up at 5am doesn’t work.  Maybe you can be mostly dairy free, but a life without cheese doesn’t seem like  much of a life at all. Implement some advice, or programs and see what happens. What do you learn about yourself and how you move through this world?  Move from that space.  

Ultimately, your habits are up to you.  YOU have the power of choice.  What will it be?

Always remember, there’s more than one way.

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beth cline

Health & Wellness Coach | Chi Running & Chi Walking Master Instructor | Energy Practitioner. Beth Cline works with her clients to create awareness in the body. Together we explore how you move through the day, both physically and energetically – from the breath, to the hips, to the core and feet. Beth is a Movement Coach and Reiki Practitioner. Check out these events and explore how you move today!