Labels as excuses.

Most of us, have labels that we have given ourselves (or been given) over a period time. Some true, some not so true and some simply feel true because we’ve lived them for so long.

too old.
far too young.
too fat.
not good at ________.
too slow.
not funny.
too serious.
not a “people” person.
an introvert.
stressed out.
a geek.
not smart enough.
just starting.
not fit enough.
not athletic and/or coordinated.
worried what others might think.
too busy.
not good enough.
not ________ enough.

Ever use one of these (or something similar) as an excuse to not do something? To keep you safe? As a reason why you couldn’t start that project, lose that weight, make that call, go to that event, start working out, etc.
We all have our excuses.
I’m not so coordinated, hence I don’t even try aerobics classes. I’m always that person in the back that’s facing the wrong way or turning left when I should be going right.
I’m a bit shy, and have a tendency to watch and listen before jumping in.
I’m directionally challenged, and I care what people think some times – and that prevents me from doing things. Fun things. Silly things. From losing my balance and falling. From attending aerobics classes, despite my lack of coordination. From occasionally trying something new while others are watching.
As part of my own evolution, I’m shedding some labels that have been with me for a long time. I’m a bit shy is one of them. It serves no one, and quite frankly hinders me from being totally authentic. Caring what others think is another.
I can’t say that I’ll have them totally licked this week….but I can always take the first step.
What label(s) are you willing to shed?