I spent this past weekend at Chi Running workshops with Danny Dreyer, the founder of Chi Running. AMAZING. I was like a sponge the entire time – trying to soak up as much Chi as I could!

A theme of the weekend, that seemed to thread through everything we talked about and worked on, was allowing.

Allowing your legs to relax while running instead of using them to propel you.
Allowing your structure to hold you up, instead of your muscles.
Allowing your pelvis to relax and swivel, rather than holding your hips in place.
Allowing gravity to pull you forward.

Allowing…such a huge word, and not only in terms of running.
What if we spent more time allowing and less time controlling?

Allowing yourself to eat when you’re hungry, rather than sticking to some stringent diet.
Allowing your thoughts to wander, and expand into creativity.
Allowing things to happen as they may, rather than controlling every minute.
Allowing yourself a day off from exercising, because you don’t feel like it – instead of forcing a run or a walk or a workout.

Allowing. Imagine what might show up in your life if you allowed it to happen.

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