It’s the first thing you did as you entered this world,
and it’ll be the last you do as you leave.

Every day, each of us takes approximately 20,000 breaths.
Yet most of us do it incorrectly.
Do you know how you breathe?

When you arrived here, you breathed deep into your belly.  Over time that breath has shortened so that it’s primarily in your chest (think short, shallow breaths).  Your amazing body is designed to release 70% of its toxins via breathing.  When you don’t fully exhale, you’re holding those toxins in.  Release them.  They want out.

Spend one month intentionally following your breath.
Learn to utilize the power of pause that a deep breath buys, strengthen your lungs and heart, and relax ~
along with many other benefits.
The way in which you breathe can affect all of your body’s functions.

Improve your health, & breathe deep today.
The details:
Four week on-line program, plus email (M-F) support.
You’ll receive three – five emails each week.  Some will be video, others audio and some simply text.
Each will be loaded with oxygen information ~ breathing facts, different breath practices and reminders.
The emails can be saved for future use and to supplement your breathing practice.
In addition, you’ll get four downloadable worksheets to practice and take your breathing deep, deep, deep.
And it all happens on-line, on your time.

Investment:  Absolutely free, because everyone ~ EVERYONE ~ can benefit from a deep breath.