This is not a race.

The other day, I was headed to the park with my children and two of their friends.
3 kids on bikes and me pushing a stroller.
Our friends were ahead of us, riding fast. Stopping at corners for safety, but gliding along smoothly. Waiting for us to catch up.
I was in the middle, and turned to yell HUSTLE to my young son.
The other kids are ahead. We can’t let them beat us.
Let’s get ’em!The competitive juices in me clearly flowing freely.
Before I could get the word out, Jacob – fully stopped in the middle of the alley, watching everyone – says to me, “look mom, look at Will“, with pure joy on his face.
As if to say, look mom, look how awesome he is.
Look how fast he rides. Look at him go.
No competition. No comparison. No need to pull ahead. Simple joy in being outside. Being together. Watching his friends. Everyone and everything is
Ok, young two year old son of mine….you’re absolutely right.
This is not a race. Not now. Not ever.Drink in the beauty that is all around.
Cheer on your friends.
Spread your love, and take your time.

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