Top 5 reasons why I run.

5)  Energy.  Mid-day I often feel sluggish.  As I put my babies down for a nap, I am tempted to sleep with them.  Some people drink caffeine to power through.  Me?  I choose exercise.  Running is my energy shot – afterwards I feel awake and alive, ready to take on the world…..or at least make dinner.

4)  Fresh Air.  I live in Seattle and solely run outdoors.  Almost every day.  In rain, in drizzle, and in more rain (and the occasional appearance of the sun).  Love the chance to get outdoors, breathe in some fresh oxygen and see what there is to see.

3)  Gear Light.  Shoes.  That’s all I really need.  I love the fact that I can run anywhere.  Any time.  Any place I go.  Vacation, business trip, lunch break, etc.  It’s my favorite way to check out a city, and get outside (see #4).   I don’t need to carry a bike, racket or paddle – just my shoes, and perhaps a good running bra.

2)  Connection.  Running, for me, has become my mind-body practice.  My moving mediation if you will.  It’s my time to connect to my body and seek out any tension, aches or pains.  It’s where I release stress.  It’s my time to check in, relax, release and move.  Connection with the outside world is always an added bonus as well.

1)  Power.  The number one reason I run is to access my power.  In the same way that the run releases stress, it also expands joy.  It allows my mind to wander.  I don’t have to think about anything on my to-do list, or in my inbox, or voicemail.  Running time is for me.  For my body.  For my mind.  It allows me to day dream.  To scheme and ponder.  Unfocused, my brain wanders and often comes back with solutions and ideas that never crossed my mind.  Love that.

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