Fail. Today if you can.

How many times do you stop, or not even begin because you’re afraid of failure?
Because you’re afraid to look stupid, or be vulnerable?
Afraid of what others might think, say or do?

In my work (and also, in myself), I’ve noticed that many times, the mind immediately goes to the worst case scenario.
What will people think?  What if I don’t finish?
What if I fall?  What if I get hurt?
What if I make a mistake, people see it, and judge me?
What if I don’t get it right?
What if I suck?

What if, instead of going to the worst, we asked after the best?
What good can come from this?
What can I learn?
How can this make me better, no matter what?
How does this make me feel?  Is it a good scary or a bad scary?
If I make a mistake and people see it, how can I be ok with that?  What will I do?

Notice that the energy shifts, simply by changing the questions you ask.

What are you currently NOT doing because you’re afraid to fail?

Go out and do something you might suck at – today, if you can.  Put yourself out there.  Let them see you fall – and when/if you do, ask yourself what good will come of it.
And if you don’t fail – congratulations, you’ve just expanded your comfort zone!

What are you willing to do, even if you might fail?

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