Pattern Check!

What are your patterns?
Pattern (noun) ~ a combination of qualities, acts, tendencies, etc. forming a consistent or characteristic arrangement.

We all have them.
The route you take to work every day.
The way in which you exercise.
Breakfast, lunch or dinner.
How you start or end your day.

What are your patterns?

This past January, I realized that I had been running the same route (for the most part) on almost every run.  As I was about to begin training for a longer race, I decided to mix it up.  I joined a local group on a weekend run and ran through a totally new neighborhood not far from where I live.  This rocked my running regime.  I concocted all sorts of new routes of varying lengths, all because of one run.

This not only changed the energy in my movement, but opened up creative energy in other places ~ how I fuel my body, the projects I’ve been working on, the creative flow in my life.

I loved it so much, I’ve made pattern checks a check in every three months.
And it’s that time.

In addition to asking myself, I’m asking you:
What are your patterns?
How are they serving you?  or not?
Is it time to shake something up?
Or be more consistent?
Take a good look at how you move through your day.
Notice your patterns, and change one thing.
Leave a comment below and share what you’re shifting.
I’d love to know!

In tireless pursuit of growth.

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