Align Move Play (AMP) Community

Are You Ready to AMP Up Your Life?

Reclaim your health? Move forward powerfully in ways that you enjoy? and have fun doing it??

Joining the AMP Community may result in:

  • sense of power in knowing what feels good for you
  • confidence in moving your body
  • balanced energy
  • reduced stress

When we gather together, we lift each other higher.  Join the AMP community and commit to your well-being.

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Five Reasons to Sign Up for AMP

  • You want to stop feeling stuck. You are ready to play, let the energy flow & have a ton more fun!

  • You're ready to show up for yourself with intentional movement.

  • You're over being injured.  There's no guarantee you won't be hurt again...but there are ways to minimize...

  • No more excuses!  You want accountability & collaboration.

  • You're ready to start where you are... and not stop until you get there...

Invest in yourself and join AMP today.

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What You Receive When You Join Our Community

Align Move Play (AMP) is a group coaching program.  It takes place online so you can join from anywhere in the world!
When you enroll in AMP, you receive:

Monthly Interactive Challenges

... to inspire you & tickle your curious bones. You'll give your energy a serious upgrade!

Weekly Content Designed to Move You

Pep talks, mobility work, breath practices & more!


Access playbooks, articles, videos, exercises, & so much more more!


Self-paced courses just for you. Create awareness, track your fueling practices or rediscover the joy of movement!

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Align Move Play Initial Member
(one month free!)

AMP Your Life! Join our online community to discover how to Align Move & Play your way to better health and fitness.

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AMP Empowered
(Women Only)

AMP Empowered is for women only: a space to put the focus back on you & prioritize your own goals, joy, and pleasure!