Coaching On The Move

How you move tells a story.

Your movement can tell what you believe, what you think, and what you feel. It reveals where tension lies and compensation occurs. Let's unwind some of that story, and perhaps tell a new one.

When we move, we can come at things from a different angle. Use your movement to derive benefits that you never imagined. Improve your health and your life at the same time.

In this program we explore energy, physical movement, breath, and fuel.

Coaching on the move is a three month, physical, mental and energetic investigation of where you are now, and where you want to go. It's a deep dive into how you move, breathe and fuel your body with food/drink, as well as thoughts, beliefs and energy flow. Ultimately, it's a partnership in finding the best mind/body alignment for your life. And so, we begin with alignment.

The first session is 90 minutes, and involves minimal movement of the body, maximum movement of the mind.
One powerful collaboration.
From there, we meet every week for a 75 minute work session (total: 11 sessions), with your diligent practice in between.


Our work together includes:

Pre-session kit and assessment
Alignment session ~ we begin with alignment, setting the foundation for our work together, and charting a plan for forward movement.
Breathing exploration and exercises
Fuel resources, ideas and guidelines
Free your mind program ~ four week on-line program, with live support to explore how you think, the story you're telling and the beliefs that you hold.
Weekly Sessions - part movement and part coaching/energy work
Periodic email support for high fives, and accountability
Plan for forward motion ~ at the end of three months, we'll look back and see how far you've come and make a plan to keep the momentum going.
As we move through the three months we'll explore how you move, how you breathe, and how you flow. We'll play with different methods and find what works for you. You'll not only increase your awareness of how you move through this life, you'll get resources to serve you during the three months and beyond ~ as well as, all of the high fives you can handle.

The goal: feel good. Inside and out.

Investment: $1200

For three monthly installments of $400, use the button below.