It’s all about timing….

Today is father’s day.
I have to say, it hasn’t been my favorite day of the year.
While it’s my husband’s first father’s day (YAY!), it’s my first father’s day without my father. And today, I miss him. A LOT.
In the past, I never treated father’s day as a big deal. A card and a phone call – it’s father’s day, right? Not a big deal. I didn’t realize how important the day was, until I didn’t have a father to celebrate any more. And I’m sure he knew that I loved him dearly…but if I could just have ten more minutes – TEN freaking minutes – I’d make sure that he knew, beyond a doubt, how much I loved and respected him.
While I’ve spent most of today on the edge of tears, I was reminded this evening, that my father is still with me.
I inherited many things from him….my sense of humor, my quiet shyness, my love of math, and the competitor in me. My son even looks like a little replica of my dad. There are also bits of wisdom that he imparted over the years that stay with me still.
I remember, while still in high school, my dad told me that it’s all about timing. I’m pretty sure, that at the time, we were talking about sports, and the timing of a set or a pass. However, over the years, this phrase has come true for me in many ways.
From meeting my husband, to training for and running a race, to starting a business, to having a child.
Force something, and it almost always doesn’t work – or at least, it may not feel right.
“Making” it happen can sometimes be painful (see above, about forcing)
Bide your time though, and keep working at it. Be patient, and trust your instincts and you’re bound to succeed.
It’s all about timing…

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