You’ve Got Permission

Don’t wait to be chosen. Don’t wait to be asked.
You’ve got permission…

To sleep in. To be grumpy, or send love far and wide. To eat in a way that serves your body, no matter what the diet says. Relax. To take a break. Say hell yes!! or NO. To NOT be busy. You have permission.

You’ve got permission to run far and fast. Or slow. Down the block. Walk for a stretch. Breathe. Dance, or move – groove even – in a way that soothes your soul. Take your time. Look at the clouds. Be late.
You have permission.

You’ve got permission to say what you think. To talk back. To be bold. Or hang in the corners. Sing out loud. Learn more. Fail, and fall. Get back up. You have permission to not be good.

You’ve got permission. It’s your turn.
What will you do?

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