How do you stand?

You stand every day at some point.  Have you ever considered how you do it?  Next time you’re standing around, notice.

Where are you on your feet?
Do you clench your toes, your quads or tighten your calves?
Do you shift your weight to one side?  Jut out your hip?
Do you slump in some way?  Jut out your chest?
Tighten up the shoulders?

When you’re not paying attention – when you’re doing something habitual (washing dishes, making tea, standing at a counter) – stop, and notice.

How do you stand?

Which foot do you favor?
Does the other foot even touch the floor?
And if it does, can you feel the ground or is it just lightly grazing the earth?

How you stand affects how you move – both physically and energetically – through this life. 
How you stand grounds you into now.

Can you feel the earth with both feet?

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beth cline