I can’t….

I can’t is a bullshit excuse.
We often say “I can’t” when what we really mean is I’m afraid, or I don’t want to, or I’m not sure and don’t want to hurt your feelings.
Saying “I can’t” is giving your power away for free.  Literally handing it to someone else.
I can’t go to the costume party.  ….ummmm or perhaps you don’t want to.  Maybe you don’t like costumes, or you’d rather spend time with your family.
I can’t give the presentation.   ….or maybe you’re terrified of speaking to the group.
I can’t run a marathon.   ….anyone can run a marathon.  The question is, do you want to?
I can’t eat healthy, I don’t have time.    ….everyone has the same 24 hours.  Is it a priority?
I can’t _________….You fill in the blank.
What can’t you do?
When you say “I can’t” notice how it feels in your body.
Then re-phrase.  
What do you really mean? (notice how that feels)
If we’re honest, “I can’t go to the party” becomes, “Thanks, but I hate costumes, and am needing a night on the couch!”
“I can’t run a marathon” becomes, ” 26.2?  That’s crazy…and a bit scary…but maybe!” or perhaps, “No way in hell!!, but if you want to cycle to Portland you let me know!”
…and the list goes on.
Before you say the words “I can’t” ask yourself, am I being honest?
Tell the truth – to yourself and others.
Your words are powerful.
Own them.
You can do anything…..